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Russian import leader of carbonate fillers to Europe and CIS

Camelot Chemie

The largest engineering trader of carbonate fillers in Eastern Europe and CIS.

Development, production and delivery of top quality carbonate fillers from Europe and Middle East for your company. We deliver all over Russia, CIS and Europe.


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Our products

  • Natural chalk based extender (amorphous chalk)
    A unique quarry in Greece, no analogues in the world. There is non abrasive, soft filler, with bright whiteness and purity. Recommended by leading manufacturers of PVC extrusion equipment, as well as for PF paints. The proven service life of machines (auger, die, etc.) is 5-6 times longer than on marble-based fillers.
  • Ground marble fillers (micro-calcite)
    Fillers with high purity and bright whiteness from quarryes in Turkey (Niide) and Greece (Kavala). Our products has a high level of abrasiveness and it is recommended for use in the production process of PAV and in some products based on PVC-S.


provides a wide range of carbonate fillers

A wide range of carbonate fillers

Due to unique physical and chemical characteristics, carbonate fillers are a highly demanded, and are the most environmental friendly material. It is chemically neutral, not flammable and has low water absorption. Carbonate fillers has high optical properties, oil capacity and grain strength, which allows its use in almost all industries, from the PVC industry to Pharma.

Innovations and prospects

It is necessary now to start careful development tomorrow products.
Camelot Chemie is a developer of specialised carbonate fillers for various industries. Together with Europe's leading engineering companies and Camelot Chemie's technical specialists, we are ready to produce any kind of fillers and chemical coatings for your manufacture.

Free samples

test samples from 1 up to 1,350 kg/ delivery
in 2 days


The key activity of the company is delivery of carbonate fillers.

Our clients: window profile manufacturers, PVC sector, paint and varnish plants, paper plants, sealant producers, compound producers.

  • изделий на основе поливинилхлорида и полиэтилена;
  • лакокрасочной продукции;
  • косметики и бытовой химии;
  • бумаги;
  • оконных герметиков;
  • строительных материалов;
  • резины.

Special attention is to PVC sector, our company hold the leading position in the Russian and CIS market.

In several areas of PVC sector, the company's share reaches over 75%.

Camelot-Chemie is a co-investor of carbonate fillers production in Europe.

Free samples

test samples from 1 up to 1,350 kg/ delivery
in 2 days



Camelot chemie

Over 400 partners and customers in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe.

We deliver to the ports of the Azov Sea and the Black Sea from Europe and the Middle East. By rail and truck we supply to Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan etc. Please contact us to check type of shipping in your country..

Our head office located in Russia, you can connect to our representative offices and dealerships in Turkey, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
Main stock in Rostov-on-Don city, Russia.
Dealers stock in Novosibirsk, Russia and Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan.